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I'm sure you remember the feedback that I gave you in person however I wanna be official with this and give you the critique you deserv...

I'm gonna give you the T on this piece, no lie, no bias! Lining is good, I like how you're using Albrecht Durer's style for shading but...



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Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hi my name is Bulbalight Nuva Yuzuru-Jung but my friends call me Bulba!

Welcome to my DeviantART page!

Thank you very much for taking the time to come and take a look at my page and all the content on it, I thoroughly appreciate it! :D

I am a student studying at life, developing my skills as an artist and illustrator for becoming a concept artist in the video game industry.

Anyway seeing is believing and my plan in here is to create a portfolio of all my artwork whilst making new friends and bettering myself as a person.
So please take a look around and send me a note if you want to contact me!

I hope you like what you see and thanks a bunch for your support!! :)


So I have been idle if not dead lately as I've had to take a small hiatus because of surgery I recently had. I am sorry, HOWEVER I am back and ready to deliver some new art for you guys so without further adieu I am off to complete this commission I've been working on!

Have a good one ^_^
My friend sent me a Snowball Chespin! Isn't it adorable?! :D

embedded_item1491384336119 by B-LightY-Jung
Queen of the Jungle FINALE

As we all know, Grass type Pokémon are never seen as one of the strongest types infact they have to deal with 5 weaknesses! (Fire, Ice, Poison, Bug and Flying)! These weaknesses do make sense (except for Ice as Grass types can do better in the cold sometimes) however as someone who adores Grass types, it is very frustrating knowing that your favourite type is lower on the foodchain.
Despite this, there are some very powerful Grass-types with excellent abilities (Mega Venusaur, Mega-Sceptile, Torterra, Ludicolo, Ferrathorn, Whimsott, Tapu Bulu, Decidueye and Chesnaught to name a few) but there aren't many.
In Gen 7 we were introduced to Tsareena and I think we can all agree that she has:
a) legs for DAYS
b) a nasty kick!

Using her in battle has given me hope for grass-types in the video games as she has done the Grass-type fans like me very proud! Tsareena has become 1 of my absolute favourites and I wanted to promote her in some way. After reading her Pokédex entry for Pokémon Sun I knew I had to illustrate her:

'Its long, striking legs aren't just for show but to be used to kick with skill. In victory, it shows off by kicking the defeated, laughing boisterously.'

With this in mind I then had to decide who was gonna be her victim... I had a choice to either:
- Pick the Pokémon I like the least, even if it would be highly unlikely to beat them
- Pick a Pokémon that she would be strong against

I decided Charizard as YES it is actually the Pokémon I like the LEAST and I am sorry to the fans of this creature BUT that is how I see it. I have my own person reasons on why I dislike Charizard and if you want to get revenge, I challenge you to illustrate Charizard attacking Grass-types as that would only be fair :)

For illustration I used a scattered spray tool to help get the texture of the main subjects. I felt that providing this sort of texture would make the characters seem more realistic and of a higher definition.
As you could tell though I also wanted to provide a slight comedic sense with how I have done the injuries and Charizard's eye! I didn't want to be too serious with this piece but I did want to focus on how I executed the concept with technique.
I did go over the piece with the basic soft spray tool though to enhance the tones, polish the piece up and provide some extra depth. 
Perspective was not easy doing this piece but I think that I pulled it off well, especially considering the complex shape that Charizard has for its snout! 
For the background and environment, I didn't wish to over complicate the fundamentals and chose a variety of greens with some relating more to blue (for cooler colours) whilst others more towards lime green and yellow (for hotter colours).
I wanted the source of light to be coming from the back of Tsareena as it combines and contrasts the two senses of "being a beacon of hope" alongside with being more intimidating!

Overall I am very pleased with this piece and am happy with the current results! However constructive feedback and critique is appreciated :)

Anyway the story for Tsareena "Queen of The Jungle" here goes as follows:
When Tsareena was nothing more than a sweet and loveable Bounsweet, she lived in the radiant Lush Jungle in the Alola region. Everyday she would play with the local Pokémon and would invite others to play with her too! Everywhere she travelled Bounsweet would bring happiness and peace with her, helping others with their problems and resolving arguments. 
She was happy and at peace, until one day the fire-type came. Across the sky the shadow of a monsterous being loomed over the jungle and all of it's inhabitants. It was a Charizard who had gone rogue from being a flying ride-Pokémon. The beast wanted nothing more than to rule over a horde of Pokémon. The residents of the Lush Jungle had no idea of it's intentions and Bounsweet stepped forward to welcome the new comer. She stepped closer and closer with nothing but a naive happy-go-luck smile on her face. WHAM! The Charizard did not hesitate to strike the little one with it's fiery tail , causing her to go flying into a tree!
Everyone looked in horror as they saw their sweetheart slammed like that. 
They all stepped back, unsure and nervous about what it was going to do next! In an instant, the rogue Pokémon started spewing fire out of its mouth burning everything in site. A few Pokémon were burned to a crisp whilst others screamed in terror as their beloved sanctuary was being turned into a wasteland. Fire was at home here, as the flames danced up the trees, stamped on grass and even burned innocent Pokémon alive! 
The Bounsweet awoke but in pain, only to waken to the forest in pain. She was shocked, her eyes welling up with water from her broken soul. She couldn't do anything as the monster cremated everything to ashes and dust! 
All the little Bounsweet could do was escape. Escape and survive!
Wasting no time she abandoned her lost home and gave it up to the beast!
She fled to the outskirts of the Lush Jungle, turned around and stood there, observing the chaos one last time. Pokémon of all kinds were rushing, finding the nearest water source to stop them from burning, but for some, it was too late.
She didn't recognize her home anymore. Her tears stopped and her eyes became sharp with anger as her current strength reminded her of her vulnerability. Bounsweet would NEVER forget this day, EVER! She turned and walked away from the mayhem knowing that there wasn't anything she could do. Despite this, she knew that one day she would be back, back to destroy her oppressor and to avenge her life-long home.

Years later, the Lush Jungle returned to it's original form. Beautiful and radiant by nature but the atmosphere was very different.All of the inhabitants had lost their freedom and were now the victims of tyranny. Charizard now ruled this Jungle and was King! There was barely any food for the residence of this new dark Jungle and most of the resources went to Charizard.
Yet, all this was about to change.
The era of the Charizard was about to become short lived, and his days were numbered.
A rustling came from the trees and a shadowy figure, jumped from tree to tree with such haste.
A few of the slaves observed this and were curious as to what this swift being could be.
At the throne of the tyrant, Charizard sat eating as the enslaved Pokémon were forced to watch!
In a flash, the shadowy figure leaped soared out of the trees with elegance and landed right in front of the dictator!
Charizard looked up and stood infront of him was not the Bounsweet he once slammed into a tree but a Tsareena.
She pointed at the beast challenging him to a duel for the rights to her home AND for the liberation of the enslaved Pokémon!
Charizard smiled, and laughed boisterously before getting up on its feet accepting Tsareena's challenge. 
Before the knew it the battle had begun.
Charizard blasted fire but Tsareena rapidly dodged it's attacks. It tried again, only to miss again and again and again. At this point Charizard began to tire and was start to huff. Tsareena stood there unchallenge and began to mock the fascist! 
Enraged by her provocation, Charizard blew wind from its wings more powerful than Gale force! The spectators were either being swept away or struggling to hold onto the ground and trees.
Tsareena knew that with power came energy and soon her target would fail of that. She slammed her legs into the ground, biding her time to strike until suddenly she was swept into the trees. 
Completely disappeared, the observing Pokémon looked in fear as they questioned whether or not their ray of hope would liberate them from the prison of what should be their home!
The tyrant ceased fire, smirked and then stomped over to see if it's victim was there.
It was not...
BANG! Right in the back of the neck, Tsareena strikes the monster from behind causing it to slam into the ground.
Tsareena stands there and challenges the Charizard once more but this time through actual combat.
Filled with outrage the Charizard's tail explodes with fire, which the likes of no-one has ever seen. Such petrifying power caused the onlookers to hide as they knew, it was going down! Grass VS Fire? No this was a battle of willpower and pride! 
There was a moment of silence surrounding these two, with not even the birds chirping in the background. The tension was high, Pokémon were sweating and uncertainy became the rule of this Jungle.
In a flash the Charizard soared towards her until WHAM! Tsareena had slaped the beast accross the field before BAM! She kneed Charizard in the gut sending it flying like never before. Tsareena jumped, chasing her prey into the air, launching towards the thing that ruined her home and life. With 0 hesitation and harnessing the memories of that tragic day, she lifted her leg above her head, back flipping over the tormentor before DAMN!!!! She high-jump kicked the Pokémon straight on the snout, slamming Charizard straight back to earth.

Charizard laid there silent but breathing as Tsareena landed back to the ground standing over it. BAM, WHACK, WHOLLOP Tsareena continued to beat the creature, kick after kick after kick laughing boistrously. Everyone knew that she was not done. Bruised battered and bleeding, Charizrd was shown no mercy by the formely beloved Bonsweet. Tsareena would never show it mercy until... she stopped. gazing over the body of her tormentator. She had a realization that she completed her vengence and had redeemed the Grass-Type's homeland. Knowing she would be the one to set the bar, she stop and placing her foot ontop of it's head. She cheered knowing that her home had been liberated by this tyrannical facist! The local Pokémon cheered, running to come and greet their new ruler! 
Without a moment to soon, the Charizard awoke from it's forced slumber and was greeted by Tsareena! Her eyes were sharp with rage, ready to take down the beast again.
Charizard flew off towards Wela Volcano Park knowing it was defeated.
Charizard knew at that moment that the once so vulnerable Bounsweet had become a warrior and then, Queen of The Jungle

I want this piece to be something that all Grass-Type fans can appreciate and give them the hope that Tsareena has given me :)

I spent a while on this so thank you for taking the time to check it out and I hope you like it ^_^

Credit: I would like to give credit to :iconkochich: for inspiring me with his PMD piece he recently uploaded (honestly go check him out, his work is phenomenal) and I give credit to the original designers and ofc to you for supporting me, thnk you so much ^_^



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This isn't anything in particular but if I do reach 1 million points I will grow a mustache, dye it pink and dedicate it to you guys! :D
Please donate if you can, anything will do and I will thoroughly appreciate you with all due sincerity and earnest ^_^ <3

special PRIZES will be coming soon if you donate :D

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Albrecht, Da Vinci, O’Keeffee, Picasso, Rembrant, Van Gough, all of these are legendary artists who have created unforgettable pieces. All of them have very different styles which makes everyone of them unique. Yet they have paved the way and set the standard for the artists of today. However in the modern art world there seems to be confusion between what should be considered as art and what is really the dog’s dinner.

In this article we will explore the definition of art and how the theory of Chris Solarski (author of the great “Video Game Art”) should be applied to when looking at a piece.

When I was in secondary school I used to draw a lot of Manga (Japanese style illustrations) that were often looked down upon because they weren’t realistic. Back then I didn’t really care and I used to think that anyone who thought Manga wasn’t an art was just an elitist douchebag. Almost a decade later, I still feel the same way but for different reasons (I don’t call them douchebags, I call them ignorant).

Before we carry on into why I feel this way, let’s first take a look at the different definitions of the term “art” for all types of still visualization from multiple sources:

1) the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. - Google

2) Artwork, such as painting, photography, or sculpture, that appeals primarily to the visual sense and typically exists in permanent form. Often visual arts Any of the art forms used to create such art. - The Free Dictionary

3) the arts created primarily for visual perception, as drawing, graphics,painting, sculpture, and the decorative arts. Dictionary Reference

Taking these definitions into consideration we can find from the analysis that visual art is an expressive form to translate the thoughts from the imagination to a visual medium. I must ask, do any of the definitions mention anything about a particular style to be the correct style?

This is also confirmed by Chris Solarski, who informs the reader in his book that art is also known as “Visual Grammar”.To call a piece Visual Grammar is to translate the vision from the imagination to a live still medium (with the exception of animation but that’s for another article).
Everyone has a different mindset which helps form culture and our humanity, meaning that everyone has a different art style as your brain functions differently from everyone else. The way how you may perceive the subject in question may be viewed with an entirely different perspective from somebody else.

For example let’s say you wish to draw a tree, take a look at these links and you will see that these artists have successfully illustrated a picture of a tree

I’m sure without me having to tell you that you can recognize that all of these images are of a tree right? Exactly, as I have mentioned earlier, art is visual grammar! The style isn’t important but what these artists have done is shown you their version of what a tree looks like, by applying the basic foundations of what makes a tree.
Taking everything thus far into consideration, the theory of
“if it looks like the subject and is recognizable, then the artist has successfully drawn the subject, regardless of style” makes all visuals an artstyle.

Taking us back to the point I made earlier, I did stop drawing manga for a while to focus on learning to understand the body. I can imagine that this will contradict everything I have said so far, but please bare with me. I chose to learn a new style so I can understand the basics of the humanoid anatomy and art in general as it seemed to be though as I was getting no-where with my original style.

Because of the results from my studies I personally believe that all artists (who wish to illustrate the anatomy well in their style), should take some time to learn how to draw the human body in a realistic manner. This will also help artists learn to draw from the imagination more effectively thus helping the artist translate their vision with more accurate visual grammar.

I do understand now why my teachers were concerned with my style. No artist should simply focus on one particular style! Just like living organisms, art will evolve into new forms so it’s a good idea for all illustrators to try out portraying their vision through a different form so they can adapt and evolve.

To conclude this article, every picture should have some meaning behind the picture whether it is a small art gift from someone on DeviantART or a massive canvas piece, there has to be the following or otherwise it loses the right to be called art:
1) A specific style of art that the artists has stayed true too throughout the process (The tools used i.e mixed media, watercolour, crayons and texture e.g paper, clay, card, digital)
2) A theme behind the piece (is it a gift for someone? what is the message you are trying to portray?)
3) All the elements and themes of a piece either relate or contrast the message getting the viewer to think and possible feel different emotions

If each piece follows this then it should be considered as Art. No matter if it is a highly detailed like Da Vinci or the rebellious style of the MS paint web-comic HomeStuck (which I personally dislike). As a friendly reminder, all of this is a theory so feel free to disagree!

When looking at a piece, ask yourself “has the artist executed their message like their vision”, “have they stayed true to their piece?”. There are only two people who can answer that question, the informer (the artist/you) and the observer (the audience/you). To sum this up, the less the artist has to explain about their piece the better the job they have done.

Nevertheless no matter which view point you look at it, I think we can all agree that art is an expressive medium (that takes many forms) where we can turn thoughts and ideas into visual grammar for the eyes. Also it takes a lot of skill to be able to take a vision and turn it into a live image using the appropriate tools!

There are just as many artstyles as there are people, we just need to unlock our own personal style! All artstyles don’t have to be liked, just respected at least.

Thank you for reading!


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Can you draw Trubble?
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Ahh I see! Thank you for your interest but I am very busy at this current time, recovering from surgery and catching up with my work so I will have to respectfully decline :)

Take care ^_^
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